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Comprehensive Care for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can result in serious oral health complications such as tooth loss, and has also been linked to conditions like heart attack and stroke. To protect your health and well-being, it is vital to seek gum disease treatment as soon as possible. Board-certified periodontist J. Eric Herrington provides comprehensive care for periodontal disease at his Meridian, MS, office, including antibiotic therapy, scaling and root planing, and advanced surgical procedures. In addition to working with you to find the best solution for your needs, Dr. Herrington can provide a long-term treatment plan to help you maintain your oral health. 

illustration of periodontal disease
Periodontal disease can cause the gums to separate from the teeth, creating pockets
that harbor bacteria and collect debris.

What is Periodontal Disease? 

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of infection-causing bacteria found in plaque and tartar. This condition can progress over time if left untreated.  

Stages of Gum Disease

This mild form of gum disease is typically characterized by gums that appear red and swollen and bleed during brushing. Typically, it is reversible when patients adhere to proper dental hygiene and attend their regularly scheduled professional cleanings and exams.
At this stage, gums will begin to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets where infection can grow. Supportive tissues and bone can also begin to deteriorate, affecting your overall oral health. Severe periodontitis can result in tooth loss.

Studies have also connected gum disease to heart disease and other serious conditions. As a result, treating gum disease in its earliest stage is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, Dr. Herrington provides both surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments that can significantly improve your oral health and help you manage symptoms.

Non-Surgical Treatments 

For mild to moderate cases of gum disease, Dr. Herrington can provide effective care with a non-surgical treatment such as:

Antibiotic Therapy
Antibiotic therapy is appropriate for patients with isolated areas of infection that can be managed without advanced therapy. ARESTIN® can help to reduce periodontal pocket depth, and can be used in conjunction with proper oral hygiene and professional cleanings to preserve your smile. 
Scaling and Root Planing
For patients with widespread infection, we may recommend a deep cleaning. During a scaling and root planing treatment, we can remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line. We can then smooth the tooth roots to prevent bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface.

In some cases, we may perform non-surgical therapy in combination with surgery for more comprehensive results. 

Surgical Regenerative Procedures 

If your infection is more severe, Dr. Herrington can also perform traditional and advanced surgical procedures including:

Gingival Flap Surgery
If the supporting bone structure has been destroyed by advanced periodontal disease, Dr. Herrington can perform regenerative techniques to repair the damage. This procedure requires Dr. Herrington to fold back the gum tissue and manually remove bacteria.
Bone Grafting
To restore the bone that supports your teeth, we can add supplemental tissue. Your own tissue may be used as well as donor or synthetic materials. This treatment is also an option for patients who no longer have sufficient bone to support dental implants.
Osseos Surgery
Also known as pocket reduction surgery, this procedure removes and recontours bone damaged by periodontal disease, leaving behind only healthy tissue. 
For this procedure, we can apply a medical laser directly to the gums. This tool can eliminate bacteria and infected tissue during a reshaping or crown lengthening procedure. As opposed to traditional gum surgery, LANAP is minimally invasive and is highly precise, so we can preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. 
Soft Tissue Grafting
As some periodontal disease treatments require us to remove compromised tissue, we may perform soft tissue grafting to restore the gums. This option is also a solution for patients suffering from gum recession.
Pinhole Surgical Technique 
This advanced surgical technique serves as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting treatments. 

To ensure your comfort during your treatment, we offer sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation.

Your Treatment

Dr. Herrington applies his advanced training and skills to each treatment to ensure patients receive the most effective care. During your consultation, he can evaluate your oral health and help you find the best solution for your condition.

Treating gum disease at the earliest stage possible is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, Dr. Herrington provides both surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments.

Restoring Your Periodontal Health

Do not hesitate to treat gum disease and risk your oral health. Dr. Herrington can provide gentle care that addresses your case in the most efficient manner possible. If you believe you are suffering from gum disease, please contact us online or call us at (601) 482-6938 so we can preserve the structure of your smile. 

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