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Supplementing Gum Tissue with
Soft Tissue Grafting

To treat advanced cases of gum disease, your periodontist will often have to remove compromised gum tissue from the base of the tooth. In addition, many patients with periodontal disease experience gum recession. To restore the natural contours of your gums and eliminate dental sensitivity from exposed dental roots, Dr. J. Eric Herrington can perform soft tissue grafting. During treatment, he can supplement receding gums using the patient's own tissue or donor tissue. As a board-certified periodontist in Meridian, MS, Dr. Herrington is well-versed in several grafting methods including free gingival, connective tissue, and pedicle grafts to meet the needs of his patients. He also incorporates an enamel matrix protein to promote rapid soft tissue healing and faster recovery.

What is Soft Tissue Grafting? 

illustration of soft tissue grafting
During treatment, we can transplant soft tissue to restore your gums and preserve your oral health.

This surgical procedure is designed to replace gum tissue that has been removed during a periodontal disease treatment or that has naturally receded. Many patients can undergo autogenous grafting. This technique uses the patient's own tissue, transplanted from another area of the mouth. 

Autogenous Grafting Procedures 

Dr. Herrington can perform several types of autogenous grafting, including: 

Free Gingival Graft
This technique requires removing a small amount of tissue from the roof of the mouth and placing it where needed.
Connective Tissue Graft
Typically the most common treatment method, a connective tissue graft utilizes tissue from the roof of the mouth, similar to a free gingival graft. However, instead of removing a full section of tissue, Dr. Herrington can create a flap and remove subepithelial connective tissue. He can then implant this tissue onto the gums.
Pedicle Graft
If patients have healthy tissue within the gums near the site of recession, the doctor can perform a pedicle graft. During treatment, Dr. Herrington can pull the tissue over the exposed tooth roots.

Our team can review your dental needs before determining which treatment method is right for you.

Allografting for Patients with Insufficient Tissue

For patients who do not have sufficient tissue of their own, we may recommend an allograft. In this case, we can use donor tissue to restore your gums. Dr. Herrington can perform these procedures with exceptional skill and precision to ensure the best possible results.

Advanced Recovery Solutions

Always striving to provide his patients with the most advanced periodontal care, Dr. Herrington incorporates an enamel matrix protein into treatment. This regenerative tissue promotes expedited growth and healing of both soft and hard surrounding tissues following your procedure.

Dr. Herrington incorporates an enamel matrix protein to promote rapid soft tissue healing and faster recovery.

Ensuring Your Comfort During Surgery

Typically, we can administer a local anesthetic to perform a virtually painless procedure. However, for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Herrington also offers sedation dentistry. We can provide either oral conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation to accommodate the level of relaxation desired by our patients. 

Why Choose Dr. Herrington?  

Selecting the right periodontist can significantly affect your experience and your overall oral health. With over 10 years in practice, Dr. Herrington has refined his periodontal treatments to meet the needs of his patients and ensure their satisfaction. To learn more about soft tissue grafting and schedule your consultation, we invite you to contact us online or by phone at (601) 482-6938. 

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